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Welcome to MrBuxs blog page.

We like to keep you up to date with any changes that happen to the MrBuxs sites so you know what is happening as you use any site.

Here you will informed with any new features to the site, any suggestions that will be considered, anything that we have noticed that effects the way the site operates.

How ever small the changes are made, here is where we will keep you up to date.

If you have any requests or any questions, use the form on the contact us page.

Current Updates

Future Updates

Current updates and completed updates Website

Pages affected/involved: Site Map & Categories Listings

We noticed that a few categories were missing when users would post a classified listing. The categories have been altered to contain more options to place your classified listing in the right category.

Status: Completed with regular updates. Website

Pages affected/involved: Whole Site

The site is now available to use and is identical to the site. Login details with can also be used on

Status: Completed with regular updates.

Removal of redundant data

Pages affected/involved: Whole Site

Unnecessary data within the site has been removed to help speed up the process of the site whill being used. Increase in page load time and refresh rate.

Status: Completed

Categories reduced and simplified

Pages affected/involved: Site Map

Categories and sub-categories simplified to help place listing and changes updated on the site map page.

Status: Complete with ongoing improvements.

Improvements to Blog page

Pages affected/involved: Blog page

Layout of the blog page changed and altered to display more information to be displayed on the page.

Status: On going with regular improvements

Improving Site Map Page

Pages affected/involved: Site Map

Additional categories added to the Site Map page. Site Map page will display the categories and their sub categories but when the pointer is hovered over a category, the remaining categories are displayed as a pop up box. All categories are hyper links that will take you to the current listing for that category.

Status: On going with regualr changes

Features Removed

Pages affected/involved: Community, Service For Hire & Jobs > Service For Hire > Digital Art

Location feature on the divital art listing was not necessary and was removed as digital art can be sold from anywhere.

Status: Completed

Creating Site Map

Pages affected/involved: New Site Map page created and added to footer of all pages

A new site map page was created and added to the footer to the site template. Page included a basic list of all the categories and their sub categories.

Status: Page created and categories add, further improvement required to the page to include all the sub categories available on the sites.

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