Spire Stone: Stress Management and Activity Tracker for iOS & Android 
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Stress Control: Spire's patented respiration sensor measures your breathing patterns all-day to help you keep control and manage stress

When You Need It: If your breathing becomes tense or erratic, a gentle notification gives you actions you can take to help you relax

Calm Down: Unlock the calming power of your own breath with visual exercises and guided meditations

Keep Track: Follow your health progress through activity, steps, calories, and more

Know Yourself: Learn where and when you're tense, calm, or productive

Built to Last: Washer-resistant, charges wirelessly, and lasts 10 days on a single charge

Scientifically-Proven: Spire is recommended by 1,000s of health professionals worldwide

Take your health into your own hands with the Spire Stone, the only wearable proven to help decrease stress. The Spire Stone helps you keep in sync with your mind and body by measuring your breath patterns all-day and alerting you to sudden changes. Follow your breath-wave, a real-time view of your breathing, on the Spire Stone companion app’s home screen: a smooth, rolling breath-wave indicates a state of calm. When your breathing becomes rapid or erratic, the Spire Stone will send you a gentle notification with actionable next steps.

The Spire Stone’s in-the-moment notifications make improving your health easy throughout the day with in-app breathing exercises and guided mini-meditation sessions when you need them. Spire charges on an included wireless charging pad, features a 10-day battery, and is washer-proof so as not to interfere with your busy lifestyle.

Compatible with iOS devices running iOS 8.3 and above.

Compatible with Android devices running Android 5.0 and above.

Learn why Forbes calls the Spire Stone “the FitBit for your mind”
Your breath is fuel for your body, the #1 indicator of your mindset, and in your control. Spire is the only wearable that measures breathing patterns and is proven to reduce stress.

Recommended by 1000s of health professionals worldwide
“I recommend Spire to my patients struggling with anxiety. Spire helps them understand what triggers their anxiety and empowers them to overcome it.” - Kathryn Larson, APRN, MSN, WHNP, BC

Easy to Wear
Wear Spire on your belt or bra, where it can sense your breathing.

10-day Battery
Spire’s battery lasts up to 10 days. When it’s time to recharge, place it on the chargepad and it will charge wirelessly.

Spire is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry if it takes a tumble through the wash.

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